Titans of Moradin

Divine Guidance


After carefully brushing himself off after being savagely attacked by a group of goblins and skeletons, Kendalius raised his head to catch Steve’s gaze. “And just what the hell were you thinking?” Before the barbarian could answer, he raised his hand to cut him off. Turning to Lyrandyr, his eyes narrowed as he spoke in Elvish, “Ille ar amin liw evah drow einrendi.” Lyrandyr, noticing that the party is now staring at him expecting a reply in a language they don’t understand, flashes a wide smile and ignores him.

He turns away from the party. Walking away a few meters, he drops to his knees and pulls out a Fluffy Wambler and an ornate knife from his adventure pack. His eyes turn to onyx as he begins chanting a few obviously memorized phrases in Infernal. The fluffy wambler’s round eyes look up at the ceremonial knife as it is driven into her flesh, piercing her heart. He starts fingerpainting infernal runes into the rough dungeon floor around him.

With his head still lowered and his runic masterwork complete, Kendalius extends both bloodsoaked hands and shouts out, “Lord Asmodeus, guide me. Tell us of the foe we mean to destroy. The beast with several eyes.”

Roll: Religion 24



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