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  • Every Sunday 6:00 pm at Beth’s

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  • For the time being, limit RP to the Adventure Log.
  • Avoid hijacking RP opportunities, and let other people contribute.
  • Reserve the comments section of the Adventure Log for out-of-character discussion.
  • Each adventure log post may contain the following:
    • Player Name (compulsory)
    • Italicized flavor text for RP actions or scene descriptions
    • A skill check roll in the format: Roll: Skill Numeric_Result
  • Multiple concurrent skill check rolls will be synchronized by periodic DM posts explaining the outcomes and situation as it unfolds.

Player Characters

The Story Thus Far


The party was contacted after a late night absinthe binge (resulting in contacting the mysterious entity known as Francis, Badger Minion) by an agent of the king of Breland. This agent told the party of an old foundry, once used to create warforged, that was showing signs of activity once again, and asked the party to investigate it.

After searching the foundry, the party came across a dwarven artficer named Drugar who was clearly engaging in the illicit activity of artifice and the party cut him down.

Campaign – Week 1

Searching the body of Drugar, the party found an obsidian amulet with a strange symbol carved on it, (In appearance it is very similar to a fleur de lis with a hammer in the middle), and a note.

The note was addressed to a fellow named Roeten Stormhammer and talked of a shipment of rune dust being sent to a cave and said that Drugar would be meeting Roeten at the Kyber’s Claw inn.

The party then proceeded to the Kyber’s Claw inn where upon the met a roguish looking fellow who identified himself with an identical amulet. While waiting for Roeten to show, Steve and Denso instigated a bar fight, and allowed the rogue to escape meanwhile ensuring that when Roeten appeared they would be alone to talk with him. When Roeten arrived, he told them of the cave inscriptions, and mentioned that he was being forced, by the cult to translate them. He also told them where the rogue lived.

Having gleaned enough information from Roeten for the time-being, the party proceeded to the rogue’s domicile, slew him and continued on to the cave mentioned in the note and by Roeten.

Braving it’s depths, they eventually came across a being who identified himself as the Herald of the Titans. The Herald was reading a small worn journal, which Denso swiped from him in the heat of combat. After dispatching the Herald. The party return to Roeten with the journal.

Campaign – Week 2

After reading the journal, Roeten explains that it contains information regarding the Temple of the the Titans which is located in Xen’Drik. The temple is supposedly where Moradin himself crafted the dwarfs, goliaths and titans. It contains the treasure and knowledge of the “Father of the Dwarfs.” Roeten goes on to explain that the Temple can only be opened by a key which was supposedly buried with Moradin’s relics (in this world becoming a god is much like ancient ascension. your spirit moves on leaving your earthly body behind).

Unfortunately for the party, the Tomb is known to be in what is now known as the Mournland, and no one who has ever entered the Tomb is known to have left. Lyrandyr negotiates the help of a tracker known as Nathan Farringway to guide them to the tomb.

Immediately upon entering, the tomb doors shut and seemingly meld with the stone walls leaving no exit. A large severed warforged head calls out to Denso claiming that Denso has been given the gift of Moradin (a warforged arm which replaces his severed arm). The head refers to himself as the Curator and offer’s his assistance in escaping from the tomb if they’ll take him with them.

Further in the tomb the party encounters two separate groups and a large group of undead. One group, consisting of living stone, elves, wolves, and strange treants live in a wing of the tomb that has become a forest. The source of the forest is a mysterious entity known as Father Ent. Father Ent offers assistance in the form of a strange ritual, but only if the party can retrieve some writing of Arawei from the second group of people living in the tomb. He also sends the party out to slay a “beast with many eyes.”

The second group of people, who call themselves the Libarians, stand guard over a large collection of ancient scrolls, journals, and magical artifacts in a nearly frozen wing of the tomb. It is here that Lyrandyr convinces the head Librarian, the Bishop, to show him the writings of Arawei. After doing so, Lyrandyr has the Curator memorize the ritual, and after leaving the Libary inscribes the ritual on a blank piece of parchment to return to Father Ent.

The ritual involves cutting their palms and placing a seed within the open wound while speaking the rituals words. Having completed the ritual and feeling fortified by it, they trudge off to the third wing of the tomb to deal with the undead menace that haunts it’s halls.

Campaign – Week 3

After clearing the first few rooms of undead rabble trapped here from the mournland, Kendalius performed a small ritual for Asmodeus, asking for any information about the beast they know knew to be a beholder. However, the ritual appeared to fail. Father Ent having granted the party leave to rest within the confines of his forest, they returned there to regain their strength before taking on the great beast.

In the middle of the night Kendalius was awakened by a terrible nightmare, his body racked with pain, as Asmodeus took from Kendalius that which was missing from his ritual; pain. Befuddled by his strange visions and ired by one of the living stones of the forest, Kendalius lashed out at the strange forest creatures.

In the ensuing chaos, the party found themselves before an angry Father Ent. Both Lyrandyr and Mairil pleaded with the great treant for mercy. In the end, Father Ent agreed to overlook this one trangression if they returned with proof of the beholders demise. Father Ent also warned them that those who underwent his ritual might find themselves as fertilizer for a new child of his should they cross him again.

After succeeding in killing the beholder, the party was able to convince Father Ent to release the body of a dead treant for the Librarians to study. In exchange the Librarians loaned them a white orb needed to unlock the great door to the undercroft.

Once in the undercroft, the party bartered with an adult white dragon for a blue similar looking blue orb. On the other side of the undercroft the party found themselves in some eerie looking halls. The head of the Curator informed the adventurers that a failed attempt by one of the librarians resulted in the summoning of a mind flayer, and that that mind flayer now roamed these halls.

Campaign – Week 4

After killing a small group of lesser mind flayers, the druid and the fighter, though convinced earlier by Lyrandyr that they would not, managed to persuade everyone else to kill the white dragon even though their business with him was concluded.

The battle was lopsided and the white dragon was quickly vanquished. Lyrandyr was able to reclaim his golden belt that was used in the trade for the blue orb, along with several other treasures that they were unable to claim on their first visit to the dragons lair.

Returning to deal with the mind flayers, they first encountered a series of oddly decorated doorways. The doorways were quickly discovered to be mere illusions, though Denso was cursed in the process.

At the heart of the mind flayers lair was a small shrine. Above the shrine remained the skin of the unfortunate librarian who summoned the unholy creatures here. The skin was still bleeding after all these centuries. A powerful mind flayer by the name of Kezreth accosted the adventurers, and it was here that they met their most difficult challenge yet. In the melee both Denso and Mairil were knocked unconcsious and at one point Steve and Kendalius were both controlled by Kezreth. In the end however Kezreth was not successful in destroying them and upon his death the party found the final orb needed to gain entrance to the physical tomb of Moradin.

Once at the tomb, a large fresco painted on the wall behind the sarcophagus revealed Moradin animating a large mountain with a depiction of Pelor and a large warforged charging, swords drawn, at Moradin. The Curator revealed himself to be the depicted warforged. He told the tale of Moradin’s attempt at world domination with the Titans and how he and Pelor were able to stop him but in the process the Curator literally lost his head and his remains were interred here with Moradin’s as Moradin acsended to become the god he is today. The librarians eventually found his remains and reanimated part of them to guard their precious tomes.

Mairil then attempted to open the sarcophagus triggering a poison gas trap that instantly knocked her out. After healing her, the party found a small switch inside the sarcophagus which opened a passageway out that led them to just outside Lake Cyre.

Campaign – Week 5

After spending the night lakeside, the head of the Curator spoke to Denso and demanded that he be taken to the nearest artificer to be affixed to a new body. Both Kendalius and Lyrandyr informed him that artifice was no longer allowed. The news sounded like a death knell to the Curator who instantly became despondent no longer assisting Denso in a meaningful way.

After this, Lyrandyr summoned the help of some of his sky pirating buddies through the use a clever cantrip that he alone knew. On the flight back to Sharn, Kendalius was wracked with more blood curdling visions this time from Father Ent. Father Ent demanded that their contract be fulfilled and that the seed implanted in his palm would take his life so that it may grow new life in his place. In response Kendalius removed the seed from his hand and threw it over the edge whereupon it landed near Lake Brey just outside of Hatheril.

Upon returning to Sharn, the group returned to speak with Roeten. Roeten told them that he had finally finished translating all the inscriptions found at the cave they first visited. The cave it seems was the place where Moradin crafted the very first warforged, an entity known as Dalek. At the mention of this name, the head of the Curator began to squirm (as best heads can within Denso’s pack). Roeten further explained that the inscriptions contained the necessary ritual to animate and control a titan. However, some cultists had already been by and taken the translations and left for Xen’drik by boat.

Boat being too slow, Roeten told Lyrandyr that a certain elemental airship captain with whom he should be familiar had recently arrived in town and could probably be of some assistance. Captain Shakespeare, on who’s airship Lyrandyr was born, was eager to help the group but told them he could not until the elemental control crystal needed to control his airship was returned to him. Captain Shakespeare was certain that the crystal was stolen by Boranel d’Lyrandar because he had caught the captain and his wife in a… compromising situation. The good captain did make special mention to not kill anyone in the retrieval of the crystal.

Disguising themselves as couriers and bodyguards, the party managed to trick their way into Boranel’s house. All that is except for хүнгүй who transformed into a swarm and flew through an open window into the bathroom. Now disguising himself as a guard, Lyrandyr distracted a guard while Steve knocked him unconscious. Lyrandyr then tricked the Lady d’Lyrandar into showing them where the crystal was stored, though she did not venture into the cellar in which it was stored for she was forbidden.

Once she returned to her bedroom, she noticed a strange swarm of insects circling the ceiling and was about the alert the guards when the insects flew out the window, with some newly acquired armor.

The control crystal was discovered on a small table and surrounded by a circular inscription around the crystal. This inscription was revealed to be an alarm system that no one in the party had the expertise to disarm. At this point the party discussed Plans C through Z and all the way back again on how to remove the crystal without triggering the alarm. In the end, since Denso was able to lift the table the crystal was resting on, they carried the table to servants quarters and were about to lower the table out the window with silken rope of Mairil’s when Plan Zeta Squared, cutting the table around the crystal BUT inside the inscription was put into effect. As most of party anticipated this triggered the alarm and forced them to make an escape through the narrow alleyways and back to Captain Shakespeare’s waiting airship.

Campaign – Week 6

They got a ship and she Swarm Druid was totally awesome. Nuri was stoked.

Titans of Moradin

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