Titans of Moradin

These Rocks Are Speaking To Me


Kendalius wipes the blood from his nose. Visibly shaken from his communion with Asmodeus, he rises to his feet. “The floor is much softer in this part of the dungeon,” he thought to himself.

“Would the fleshling prefer marble? Or steel, perhaps?” he heard a voice invade his mind.

“Did that..rock..just bear witness to the thoughts passing through my head?” The rock does not move nor respond to his sly telepathic test.

Still unsure if he is awake or still dreaming, he kicks the rock aside cursing in Elvish. As he turns around to face his companions, he is faced instead with a large pile of carefully organized rocks. With many voices now instead of one in his mind, he discerns the threat, “You may find rock is less malleable than flesh, trespasser.”

Clasping his execution axe tightly, he shouts, “And you may find me less malleable than most, FOUL GEODES!” As he brings his execution axe to bear on the pile of neatly stacked rocks, they all move simultaneously, parting along the path of his axe causing it to smash against the dungeon floor. Noticing that he unintentionally woke some of his companions in the commotion, he preemptively addresses their collective concern in an austere tone, “These rocks are speaking to me.”

“Fleshling, there is much hate and evil we sense in you. Father Ent must surely be told of the threats you pose to our peace here.” The pile of rocks collapses suddenly, and the constituent earthen creatures begin rolling away dispersing from Kendalius.

Reaching out with his mind, he tries to call them back claiming, “No I mean no harm. You misunderstood! I seek refuge and peace, not conflict and destruction.”

Roll: Bluff 12


I hope I don’t get us all fucking killed.

These Rocks Are Speaking To Me

Stellar bluff roll there Nuri.

These Rocks Are Speaking To Me

I didn’t know exactly how the rocks would behave, and I wanted to limit the impact of my storytelling to events near my character. Almost from a first person perspective but using third person. Waking “some” party members leaves it open-ended to the degree where other folks can add in their thoughts about what’s happening. In other words, it provides a natural segway into someone else doing something. I didn’t want to take over the role of DM and be presumptuous about the behavior of the rocks either, so I went with my best guess of their reaction. All in all, I don’t think there’s much we can do. If we want to foster RP, we have to accept that we lose total control of our characters – seeing as how people can specify their thoughts and reactions. I think it’s an acceptable loss of control in exchange for a deeper/richer story. Thoughts?

These Rocks Are Speaking To Me

Also, that roll is higher than a 10. Should be good enough to convince one or two rocks out of the pile that I mean no harm.

These Rocks Are Speaking To Me

This is why we can’t have nice things.

These Rocks Are Speaking To Me

хүнгүй shifts into a widely distributed swarm of mayflies

These Rocks Are Speaking To Me

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