Titans of Moradin

Plea's Heard. And A Warning.


Bolts of lightning strike near Mairil and Lyrandyr, forcing them to nimbly jump back.

“Silence ephemerals!” Father Ent’s mouthless voice thunders in the party’s head. “You would dare to strike at my children after I had given you leave to peaceably sleep beneath the boughs of my forest? Your words do not go unheeded, however.”

Lyrandyr gets an uneasy sensation that Father Ent is somehow addressing him.

“Though this act cannot go unpunished, I will let you leave my domain alive. You may not rest here again until you have slain the dark beast that you hunt.”

“Know this child!” inexplicably seeming to indicate Mairil, “That seed of which you speak may suddenly sprout if you allow this fallen elf to further transgress upon my domain.”


The party’s extended rest was interrupted by this forced reaction. Each player will start with one less healing surge.



“Bzzzzt – jerks – bzzzzz…”

Plea's Heard. And A Warning.

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