Titans of Moradin

Finding rest


Mairil, observing the calamity of Kendalius’ failed pleading with Lord Asmodeus, slyly moves to the edge of the company inside the unnatural forest. Removing her cloak, she lies down to rest. Deeply uneased by the earthen life around her, both of stone and of tree, she takes comfort knowing that the gods are near. Soon, she finds herself dreaming well. Her dreams do not frighten her but rather bring expressions of peace and a glow to her face. Her staff, lying near her, appears to glow in response to hers as though they share an inexplicable connection. The knowledge these two have of one another does not go unnoticed by those in the company she finds herself in. It is as though her staff carries a life within, similar to her own.

The squeals of fear jolt her awake. Quickly, though she returns to her rest, her untenable courage is imputed to those around her and their own fears begin to subside. Even during rest, she is preparing her mind for the battle on the morrow, fortifying her mind with assured knowledge of the strength and skill she will bring with the company during the impending battle.


Ever wake up feeling like there is something crawling on you?

Finding rest

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